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My great grandparents joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Germany. They met while attending church. My grandfather was serving his mandatory time in the military and had to be very secretive in his church attendance to not get into trouble.

They were able to immigrate to Utah, where they could freely raise their family, worship and work.

Everyone in Utah either immigrated themselves or descend from someone who did, even the ancestors of Indian tribes originally immigrated into this region at some point. Migration over time in search of a place to better thrive has always been a part of human history.

It would be wonderful if a nation such as ours could extend our government and our boundaries to include all of Gods children. Some day, Jesus Christ will come and govern all of Earth and we will all be able to realize our brotherhood and sisterhood as siblings of one Father and a common mother or mothers.

Until then, humanity has divided one Earth into many nations with ever changing boundaries and governments. While they exist those governments and their boundaries need to be respected.

We need to have a process to allow all people in need of refuge or seeking opportunity to thrive to come and be assimilated into our country and into our hearts. That process needs to be equitable and it needs to be applied!