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We are Our Federal Government

We keep sending politicians to destroy our federal government, as though it is an entity which has arrived in our midst with intent to harm us.

Government is always people. It may be government by a king, dictator, tyrant, aristocrats, plutocrats or such. In our case we have government by The People, the Demos; If We Will!

We have a representative Democracy. People throughout our nation of United States choose a person from each neighborhood to represent their neighbors in governmental affairs and decisions.

If there is trouble in our national government, then the wrong neighbors have been chosen to represent us in our governance.

As long as we elect neighbors with a mandate to destroy our nations government, they will certainly succeed in taking away our democracy from us!

There is always government. If we fail as The People to Be Our Government by sending people to truly represent us, then someone or some group will happily take over as King, Tyrant, Aristocratic or Plutocratic rulers.

We will certainly lose our Democracy, if we keep sending “Neolithic Knights” with their sharpened spears of spiteful speech to attack our nation’s government; or “Government Wreckers” with their retched wrenches of rancid rhetoric, to disassemble our nation’s government.

Only when we realize that, in a Democracy, We, The People, are The Government; and we send Conscientious, Careful, neighbors to Congress to Wisely, Precisely Represent Us; will we succeed in our government Of, By and For The People!