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Limit Judicial and Presidential Terms

With 329.5 million people in the United States, no one person is more capable than the other 329.5 million to be President more than once, a Judge more than 18 years (4.5 Presidential terms), a Senator or Representative more than 18 years!

We have nearly 3.3 million residents in Utah.

Choosing a frustrating candidate several times is like having 3.3 million shoes but wearing the same poorly fitting shoes, which hurt your feet!


Many Senators and Representatives are fond of saying that elections can limit terms.

Senators and Representatives, funding their campaigns with millions of dollars from special interest groups, can stay in office for many years, in spite of low approval ratings by their constituents.


Sometimes, when a politician who has served for a long time eventually dies, their body is put on display in the Capital Rotunda. So many have served for so long now that it is difficult to tell who the dead politician is.


Another IDOL, Dead Today!

Another IDOL, dead today,

is placed before us on display!

A politician, laid in state,

for all to gawk,

both those who love,

and those who hate!

And those who hope

for a similar fate!

How many mothers and fathers died,

who’s children mourned and neighbors cried?

Who’s lives were filled with quiet deeds,

fulfilling other’s frantic needs!

Yet we merely note they’ve died,

with a word or two replied,

then hurry back to work inside.

How evil are these GODS we’ve made,

of dusty human cells displayed!

What disappointment does await,

this Idol passing through death’s gate!

To find they have to wait in line,

with every other soul to pine,

about each chance they did decline,

to help another soul in need,

or do another kindly deed.

Or wait with those who so incline

to stand before a God divine.

Reporting all that others did,

when in their time of need they bid

for someone who would hear them plead

and kindly meet their moments need!

Those quiet acts of service done,

without regard, to everyone.

And yet we give our misplaced laud,

for just another soul who’s flawed!

Who’s gone to meet our only GOD!

Laird Fetzer Hamblin 26 d 04 m 2022 y