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When Day Turns Into Night, We Gain Our Greatest Sight

When Day Turns Into Night, We Gain Our Greatest Sight


While walking in the night;

We either see the darkness;

Or the stars each shinning bright!


When the sun is shinning bright;

We do not think of light;

But when the day turns into night;

We gain our greatest sight. 

Laird Fetzer Hamblin

16 d 01 m 2022 y


The United States of America has been through sunny days and cloudy days; through moonlight-starlight nights and nights overshadowed in darkening mists. 

We are currently in a time of overshadowing.

With fear and distrust; anger and animosity.

My brothers and I loved walking in the Utah wilderness in the Uinta Mountains and deserts of the Uinta Basin.

We often delighted in following trails lighted only by the moon and stars.

Sometimes, the trails would be overshadowed by clouds or dense tree canopies.

At such times, we used electric lights to shine upon the path just ahead of us.

At this time when our nation is overshadowed by fear, anger, hatred and the lies that initiate and fuel such times; it is paramount that we each seek hope, happiness and love to dispel the darkness on our pathway ahead.