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Sustain Life


Sometimes, a person’s life may last for decades; sometimes, a person’s life may only last for months, inside a mother’s womb.

Each life is precious, and we must do all we can to ensure that each person has opportunity to experience life, in all it’s sorrows and joys, illness and wellness, disappointments and triumphs!

I realize that, even with all our knowledge and technology, a woman’s life is at risk of catastrophic death, as her body sustains with nourishment and protection, the tiny developing body within her.

Yet, human fetal development, so intricately complex, while so magnificently simple, usually succeeds in the full development of a new body, to be further nourished by the mothers body upon arrival.

Sometimes, the person’s body developing within a woman’s womb was not by her choice.

Sometimes, the person’s body developing within a woman’s womb is the result of horrible trauma endured by her.

Sometimes, the person’s body developing within a woman, does so outside of the womb, causing eventual death to both child and mother if the process of development continues; in such a pregnancy the developing fetal body must be removed to preserve the life of the mother.

It is a terrible thing that we have a culture in which a woman is ever harmed and left with the choice of whether to allow a person’s body developing within her to continue, or not.

We need to end abuse of women, and of anyone, anywhere!

I do believe that a woman who has been assaulted should have a choice very early in the resultant development of a child’s body within her, to sustain that child’s life, or not.

The ability of a woman and man to create, together, a new person’s body is an incredible, sacred power; which must always be conscientiously considered; and, together, intentionally applied, in a process of careful bonding; with considerate preparation to meticulously sustain the body of the person who’s life is created.