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Utah’s Voice Heard

Recorded in year 2022 – 1am the night before the convention.

35 years ago, as I attended the University of Utah in the college of science, I composed a painting with my United States flag and my sculpture of an eagle.

235 years ago, our nation was established by inspired men and women, who founded a government Of, By and For the People.

126 years ago, after seven attempts over 45 years and two more years of waiting, Utah joined our our nation of United States as our 45th state; and we sent our first two Senators and one Representative to ensure that our voice would be heard in our Congress of our United States.

128 years ago it was necessary that the people of Utah Territory came together, bridging over their religious, political and other differences, to achieve statehood, blessing the life of every person who finds this beautiful place to be home.

[Here, in the year 2022,] it is again necessary for us to come together; bridging over our religious, political and other differences; ensuring that the voice of every person living in our wonderful state of Utah is heard.

Our statehood was accomplished by building alliances with legislators from other states; alliances which allowed them to work together through the years in legislation blessing the life of every person living in our magnificent nation of United States.

Such alliances require conscientious, diligent effort; amiability and reliability; wit and wisdom!

Today, at this paramount moment, in our State’s story and our nation’s story; I offer to conscientiously, diligently apply these precious skills and character traits in your service; building bridges here at home and in our United States Congress; ensuring that the voice of every person living in our wonderful state of Utah is heard; to do so as Your Neighbor, and as Your Senator.

Thank you for your kindness!

I pray and hope for happiness for you and your family today and each day!

Your Neighbor,