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Family Strength

Family is the essence of all life on Earth and beyond.

Each new human life on Earth begins with the combination of cells from a female with cells from a male. Each cell contains a unique code which will determine specific traits of this new person. Each trait being derived from either the mother or the father or a combination from them.

The success of this new life will depend upon sufficient nourishment from a mother as this precious new body develops within hers.

As this new person leaves the safety of their mother’s womb they continue to rely upon nourishment from her body in this eternal design of life.

We each begin our life here by the same miraculous process.

Life is both resilient and fragile.

A fathers role is crucial in the care, protection, and sustenance of both mother and child at all stages of life!

A mother’s role is crucial in the care, protection, and sustenance of each member of the family in all stages of life!

Sometimes, the life of a fetus, infant or child is brief, despite a mother and father’s diligent efforts to sustain this new life.

A family best thrives when a mother and father each carefully apply their unique attributes of motherhood and fatherhood.

A family thrives when each child is expected and allowed to apply their unique attributes as a daughter or son.

Sometimes, a parent dies young, leaving their grieving spouse with children still so in need of their loving care.

Sometimes, a spouse becomes ill, and is only partially able to apply their skills to family care, or needs tremendous care their self.

Sometimes, a parent abandons their spouse and children.

Sometimes parents have no children.

Sometimes a child has no family.

In God’s grand design, we are all family.

We are all siblings, here together in our momentary sojourn on this beautiful, wonderful Earth, which God designed for our joyful habitation.

God expects us to help and to be helped in times of need!

A grandparent or neighbor can apply their unique attributes of motherhood or fatherhood to families in need.

Parents with or without children can become parents of children in need of a family!

For those who live long lives, the process reverses and we are again dependent upon motherly and fatherly care.

When parents are old it is the opportunity for children to care for them, as they were once cared for.

It is also a time when neighbors step forth to care for neighbors in God’s grand design.

Whether our sojourn here in this delicate sphere is for a moment or many seasons, it is a precious opportunity to experience life in a mortal body, within the magnificent eternal design of families!