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LettersbyLaird _ My Song-Rhymes

I write song-rhymes to uplift and inspire children, families and anyone seeking or lonely.

Death or departure of a companion can be difficult.
Herein I’ve written my perspectives thereon.
Life Does Not End,  My Wonderful Friend.

Children delight in the simple beauty and elegant complexity of nature.
I like to encourage and join them in their delight and discovery.
lettersbylaird _ “Where Are You Now, Little Whale?”
lettersbylaird _ “Where Are You Now, Little Moth?”
lettersbylaird _ Where Are Your Now, Little Mastodon?”
lettersbylaird _ “If We Found An Airplane?”
lettersbylaird _ “Whittling Woodpeckers”
LettersbyLaird _ “Little Child of Ours, Can You See The Moon and Stars?”