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I built a wall to keep you out!

It only locked me in.

I fought a war to keep you there

a war I could not win.

If I think I am superior;

and Isolate behind my door;

I’ll soon degrade to something less than I had been before!



We loved all wild creatures on my family’s farm, even the ones which local culture had instructed us to fear, hate and hurt.

We loved to locate spiders spinning their beautiful, intricate webs by which they captured abundant flies and other small insects.

We loved Magpies, a bird falsely accused of depredation. We delighted to hear the unique calls between parents and their young each spring.

One year paper wasps built a magnificent home under the eve of our home near the back door. We delightedly observed their careful labor as they placed saliva soaked plant fiber, like paper, layer upon layer until they had created a large chambered, insulated home, in which to care for their eggs, larva and young. One day a neighbor child, who’s family had taught their children to hate creatures who’s ways were not understood, noticed the delicate paper home of these little insects and found a long stick which she used to knock their precious home from it’s safe and secure placement.

When resources are limited, humans are often taught by their parents to fear, hate and hurt neighbors, whose physical features are insignificantly dissimilar from theirs and who’s cultural ways are unique and unfamiliar.

Humans are then apt to brutalize, murder and destroy the precious lives and safe homes of these neighbors.

Upon doing so, they are then sometimes foolishly perplexed when the now homeless, harshly harmed neighbors arrive to sting them or arrive searching for safe habitation.


Human innovation occurs when two groups come together, combining their unique perspectives, technology, sociality, religion and governance.