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Fiscal Responsibility! No Debt!

To thrive, we must be fiscally responsible; as a nation, as states, as counties, as cities, as families, as individuals!


Ideally, no person and no government would ever be in debt.

At times, having a modest home or basic transportation may require us to place ourselves temporarily in debt, while we position ourselves to have adequate income.

Fledgling nations also require debt from established nations in order to establish themselves.

We had to do so when we sought to be an independent nation. At that crucial time, we burrowed money from other nations to fund our separation from another nation by war.

We indebted ourselves as a new nation when we suddenly had an opportunity to extend the boundaries of our nation to include the center of the continent by purchasing a vast tract of land from another nation.

A person with sufficient health and adequate work can save a portion of their income to maintain their belongings, and hold some of their income in reserve to make necessary future purchases and prepare for emergencies.

We as a nation are in such a position. We should be building a reserve to maintain our current infrastructure, make necessary future purchases and prepare for emergencies.


The last time we as a nation paid off our interest–bearing debt was in 1835.

By February of 2022 we as a nation were $30.1 trillion in debt.


We should never allow foreign countries to hold us in debt!