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Senators – like Kites!

Senators – like kites – can only soar when they are sufficiently tethered to home and when there is a steady wind from thence, directing them forward and upward.

Insufficient attachment to the place whence they came and they will waft away, never looking back.

In erratic winds with unsteady direction a kite will be torn into incoherent pieces or plunge downward.

How does a kite stay tethered to the place it came from?

How do winds prevail from the source to the destination?

Today, it is easy – yet it is difficult too – to keep that connective tether taut, and active. With one glance at social media on a watch or phone, the distant “kite” and everyone at the place of tethering can see each other, and with one quick click they can comment, complain, or compliment.

But it is not sporadic, erratic, emotional tweets and posts which keep a kite in place and soaring. It is steady, thoughtful, meaningful communications back and forth through those tethers, which allow the persons at home to direct the kite, keeping it in place, dancing it slightly back and forth in response to pulls from the tether, never swerving so far left or right that it can’t return to center, always attached to the place of origin, ignoring the steady taunts and selfish wants, always responding to the tugging needs and heartful pleads.

I offer to be Your Senator in a kite-like flight of hope in the distant sky, ready to accomplish great things, never absconding, always responding, to your rightful, desiring tugs and purposeful, pulling persuasion.

I’m ready to fly, just awaiting your signal to soar!