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Campaign Priorities Detailed – Hopes For An Ideal World

Health Care For All

Federal Ownership of Patents of Life Dependent Pharmaceuticals.

End Health Insurance. 

Federal Regulation of Health Care Costs.

Federal Healthcare For All.


Election Reform

Unbiased Redistricting Done By Independent Committee.

Ranked Choice Voting.

Campaign Funding Limits.

Term Limits.


Environmental Action

Geothermal Heat Pump Thermoregulation of Homes and Buildings.

Solar Panels on Every Home and Building.

Stop All Federal Subsidies To Carbon Extraction.

Federal Investment In Renewable Energy.

Electric Vehicle Chargers at Every US Post Office.

Protection of All Species and Their Habitats.

Strict Regulations To Secure Pure Air, Water and Soils.


Family Support

Free, Quality Public Education – Kindergarten to 4yr University/Trade.

Free Federal Health Care For All.

Universal Basic Income.

Access to Organic, Diverse, Unrefined Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Greens. 

Clean Air, Pure Water, Clean, Nutrient Rich Soil.


All Lives Sustained

Sustain Every Person’s Life from Womb to Tomb.

Welcome Immigrants and Anyone Seeking Refuge.

Avoid War Except to Defend Our Liberty and the Liberty of Others.

Equitable Wage For All Persons For All Work.