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What about David?

It is common in politics to refer to the metaphor of David and Goliath. Whether you consider this a parable or probable, the lesson therein is not that a little person hurt a big person; the lesson is that a someone, in this case a young shepherd boy, realized that skills applied in other aspects of life are applicable in this new situation.

What is the sling that I carry?

My sling is Faith; faith in a God who orchestrates all things and has guided and directed my life; faith in humanity – the players in God’s orchestra, who have choice in what they do and who usually chose kindness; faith in the skills I have been given to play my part in life’s orchestra.

What are the stones I will fling with this sling?

Patience, perseverance, and persistence;

Integrity, honesty and humility;

Hopefulness, happiness and kindness.

Families, Friends, Neighbors and Strangers.

These are the stones that I have applied in life to accomplish all good things.

These have allowed me to overcome illness;

To displace doubt and kindle kindness;

To learn and to teach;

To grasp and hold fast when I reach;

To know what is wrong and what is right;

To dispel all darkness with light;

To make a difference and change what I could;

To overcome all that is bad by doing and being good;